Resin Arts & Crafts Magazine:
Inside Issue #2

Marble Pumpkin Chargers

The Inspired Workshop’s Cara Troell uses wood and resin to create some sophisticated Fall themed chargers for the dinner table.

It's Fall Y'all! Lazy Susan

Rhonda Dracoulis from RK3 Designs walks us through the steps of creating a beautiful Lazy Susan, perfect for entertaining.

Autumn Windows

This wood and resin bowl by Dan Preese is sure to amaze you. Dan shows the process of creating it from beginning to end.

Hello Pumpkin Decor

Autumn themed home décor by Shannon with Pickin Boots, created with wood, resin and clay.

Bendy Pumpkins

Fran Valera’s Little Windows shows how you can create bended resin to form beautiful, glass-like pumpkins to decorate with this fall season.

Pine Cone Cube

These little pinecone and dried flower cubes by Resin Nut’s Barbara Dickerson are stand alone pretty and can add some Autumn sparkle to your home.

Fall Leaf Clock

Bernadette Hillier is a self-taught RC who hand picks her leaves to create fall clocks that add a bit of nature to the home.

Sparkly Jack-O-Lantern Coasters

Sparkly coasters with fun Jack-O-Lantern faces from Hannah Somerville’s Crafty Tutorials are a bright and shiny addition to any table.

Stained Glass Spider Web

Another of Hannah Somerville’s Crafty Tutorials is this beautiful Stained Glass Spider Web made with resin and a lot of craftiness.

Halloween Jewelry

Deck yourself out for Halloween with these cute creatures made by Pearl Blay with The Beading Gem.

Chilling Charms

Angie Holden with The Country Chic Cottage shows us another Halloween jewelry craft that’s quick, easy, and super spooky.

Eerie Pendants

These pendants by Becky Nunn with Nunn Designs have a very ominous look and are sure to make an eerie impression.

Candy Corn Crafts

Little Windows is back and here Fran Valera shows how you can make perfect crafts without the candy using photos!

Mysterious Resin Eyes

There is a whole list of different types of eyes that can be created with resin. Fran Valera with Little Windows shows the techniques to use for each optical style.

Ghoulish Ghosts

Toni Cooper with Georgia’s Gorgeous Gifts explains how to create these adorable and colorful little ghosts without needing molds….and you can even make them glow if you want!

Spooky Spirits

Steve McDonald shows us how to use resin and cloth to make large, illuminated ghosts that you can hang on your porch for some spooky decorations.

Creepy Cookie Garland

Andi at Super Cute Kawaii describes the steps to create Halloween cookie garland that’s a colorful way to light up a room.

Lighted Gingerbread House

Steve McDonald is back with a video tutorial on how to cast and assemble a resin gingerbread house that works perfectly as a night light.

Nutcracker Shaker Coasters

Barbara Dickerson with Resin Nut returns with her extra crafty way of making Christmas nutcracker shaker coasters that only require one mold!

Light Bulb Snow Globe

In this video, Jedrek29T shows in detail how to use a light bulb to create a tiny winter snowman scene with falling sparkling snow.

Cheery Christmas Clock

A lighted holiday clock to hang on the wall for an extra touch of Christmas, created by Wendy Gibbs of Toonpish Crafts.

Gnome Night Light

Holiday gnomes have grown in popularity quite a lot over the last few years. ResinAce’s Chris James shows us the process he has come up with to make one using resin… and it’s hat even lights up!

Bright Christmas Village

Amber Oliver, a blogger for Resin Crafts Blog, describes how she created a color changing village scene that adds a simple, elegant touch to the home for the holidays.

Bendy Ornaments

To wrap things up, Little Windows by Fran Valera revises her previous article and switches to bendy ornaments for the tree, along with another unique ornament craft in the next article.

Twisted Ornaments

As the finale, Fran Valera with Little Windows shows us how to make multi-colored, shiny, textured, holographic spirals that can be used in many ways.